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Daphne and Sheila have been called upon to see if they can crack the mind of an ass craving bandit. Criss Strokes stars in an epic picture as the ass demoralizer. He shows both pussy and asshole no mercy and a pound for pound drilling beat

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Big Tits At School

Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 01)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 02)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 03)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 04)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 05)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 06)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 07)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 08)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 09)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 10)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 11)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 12)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 13)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 14)
Daphne Rosen - Silence of the Ass (Thumb 15)
Big Tits At Work

Sheila Marie - Milf Next Door

Sheila Marie - Mommy Got Boobs

18th June - We've noticed lately that one of our neighbours, Sheila Marie, keeps trying to find excuses to come over. She's keeps asking for coffee or sugar, but we all know what she really wants. Today she came by hoping to borrow some alcohol, and we decided to find out what was really going on. Turns out we were right, and this busty milf only wanted a little attention from the young guys! Luckily Derek is really into milfs...what an opportunity! more
Daphne Rosen - Daphne Rosen is back

Daphne Rosen - Racks and Blacks

5th December - Guess who is back? Believe it or not, the highest rated girl is back! Oh yeah Daphne Rosen is there for some more! This time the huge titted whore will face not one but two monster black cocks! Be ready for another amazing threesome. Check out busty Daphne getting nailed by my two big boys! Enjoy it! more
Daphne Rosen - Unleash the Beast

Daphne Rosen - SexPro Adventures

2nd April - Mrs.Hanah who has recently become single is looking to get back on the dating scene. She seeked the council of veteran sex pro Daphne Rosen who more than answered all her questions. In this scene you'll see why Mrs. Rosen is a highly regarded sex pro and how she unleashed the cougar within Miss. Hanah! more
Big Tits At Work

Daphne Rosen - Showing some hospitality

Daphne Rosen - Mommy Got Boobs

10th September - Horny mommy Daphne Rosen never misses a good chance to get cock. So when she got home and found her son's best friend, Johnny, playing pool alone she knew it wasn't going to be that hard to convince him to fuck her with his big fat cock while they waited for her son to get back... more
Sheila Marie - Prison Break Pussy

Sheila Marie - Mommy Got Boobs

12th September - Sheila's lost love Charles has been in prison for the last couple of years and all he's been craving ever since are those huge fuckin' titties. A love letter from Sheila will help him escape from his cage and get to what he wants: his face slammed in big round tits and his dick rammed up a hot wet pussy! more
Daphne Rosen - Promotion Day

Daphne Rosen - Big Tits at Work

11th June - Since the last time they met, Christian has followed through on his promise and put in the good word for Richelle to his boss, Daphne Rosen. Only now, Daphne needs to see for herself if Richelle has what it takes to make it to the top. Luckily Christian is back to give her a hand... more

Sheila Marie - Sheila Marie Fucked By A Big Black Cock!

Sheila Marie - Monsters of Cock

18th March - Sheila Marie cant imagine a dick so big inside her. She Was totally surprised when she saw that big black dick and she couldn't believe it. This girl is about to get fucked good she didn't expect this at all. But i guess with a name like Monsters of Cock, Sheila should of seen this coming a mile away, Which is probably a good guess to how much dick is in her pussy right now. So Check out Sheila, She's really hot and worth watching her get fucked. more
Sheila Marie in My Friends Hot Mom

Sheila Marie - My Friends Hot Mom

17th October - Sheila Marie's son's friend is spending a few days with them. Her son takes off for a bit to get his car fixed and her son's friend takes a nap. Sheila decides it's the perfect time to make her move. She sneaks into bed with her son's friend and gives him a wake up blowjob. Her son's friend is a little surprised at what he finds when he wakes up but he can't say no to his friend's hot mom. more
Daphne Rosen - Darker Pastures

Daphne Rosen - Darker Pastures

13th May - Poor Daphne just got a divorce, but lucky for her she has good friends. To cheer her up they get her a present she always wanted; a black dick with a moustache. more
Big Tits At School

Sheila Marie in Seduced by a cougar

Sheila Marie - Seduced By A Cougar

5th September - Bill is leaving after renting a room from Sheila Marie for a year. Sheila is sure going to miss him and wants to give him a going away present to remember her by.....her sweet sweet pussy. more
Daphne Rosen - My Friends Hot Busty Aunt

Daphne Rosen - Milf Soup

6th April - Toy,Rob,and another friend are hanging out in the living room when Rob's mom Harmony answers the door to welcome her friend Daphne who will be spending time at their home for a couple of days.On the way to Rob's room for a video,Troy starts watching Daphne through the door crack as she rubs lotion on her big tits while standing completely naked.Later Daphne and Harmony are at the pool oiling each other up as Troy is watching them from Daphne's guest room while he is jacking off. more
Trina Michaels - Trina and Daphne

Trina Michaels - Whipped Ass

21st November - two super busty women in lesbian domination.
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