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It is a special day for Shyla. She has been chosen as the ass sacrifice. Like all the chosen ones, she is pampered, bathed, and massaged to prepare her for the big day of the ass sacrifice. However, there is not much that can prepare one for the ritual of ass sacrifice, and as Shyla finds quickly discovers, there is nothing quite like the ordeal of a ceremony on the altar of the temple of ass.
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Shyla Stylez - I Need a Lesbians Opinion

Shyla Stylez - Hot And Mean

25th August - Zoe walks into a clothing store and notices that both the male and female clerks can't keep their eyes off her. The male clerk tries his hardest to get her number but Zoe doesn't show him any interest, however she shows plenty of interest towards Shyla. ...read more
Phoenix Marie - Psycho Bitch- The Last Fucking Confrontation

Phoenix Marie - Milfs Like it Big

19th January - In this thrilling conclusion to the PSYCHO MILF trilogy, we learn that the Veronica-Johnny saga was merely a figment of Mark's imagination. Mark is a patient being treated by Dr. Shyla, a sexually domineering psychologist who's more interested in jumping Mark's bones than in helping him. Added to the mix is Phoenix who wants to punish Shyla for mistreating her. Anally punish her, that is. ...read more
Shyla Stylez - Change is good!

Shyla Stylez - Doctor Adventures

30th January - This guy is less than happy when he finds out his regular doctor is not in and he has to do his physical with a new face, Dr.Stylez. Dr. Stylez got real irate with his constant comparisons to his doctor. She quickly put him in his place and in the end she proved there were no comparisons to make as the patient got the best physical that only the best doctor could provide. ...read more
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Shyla Stylez - Muff Buffer

Shyla Stylez - Pornstars Like it Big

23rd November - When Shyla insists that she watch Sean as he washes her car, he assumes it's because she thinks he'll steal something. Angry at the implication, Sean splashes her with the water hose by accident/on purpose. But after insisting that he dry her off with his tongue instead of a towel, Sean realizes that Shyla's attention was for another purpose. ...read more
Shyla Stylez - Big Dick Appetite

Shyla Stylez - Pornstars Like it Big

2nd June - Now we all know these three fine ladies, all of them are sexy as hell in their own right. They are big cock lovers and honestly they can't get enough, they need a big dick every day to sleep well at night. Getting bored of playing with themselves they decided to call guys from the previous night, but theses dudes weren't packing at all. So they had to call in the big guns...Keiran and Ramon. ...read more
Shyla Stylez - Cmon Baby Light my Fire!

Shyla Stylez - Real Wife Stories

25th May - Shyla is sick and tired of her husband and his panzy ass ways. He is constantly trying to woo her with chocolates, flowers and sappy poems when all she wants is a real man who can fuck the living shit out of her. The breaking point is when he tries to make yet another romantic dinner and accidentally burns the meal, setting the fire alarm off. When the fireman shows up Shyla realizes that she can have the manly pounding she has always wanted. ...read more


Shyla Stylez and Daniel Hunter in My First Sex Teacher

Shyla Stylez - My First Sex Teacher

1st August - Professor Shyla speaks with Daniel after class to discuss his poor work performance. Shyla can turn his F into an A+ if Daniel can show her how hard he can work at fucking her pussy. ...read more
Shyla Stylez and Mikey Butders in My Wife's Hot Friend

Shyla Stylez - My Wife's Hot Friend

1st August - Shayla's house burnt down and she's staying with her friend and her friend's husband, Mikey. When he catches Shayla washing her unmentionables he sees the perfect opportunity to start hitting on her; especially since his wife isn't there. And Mikey can't wait to show Shayla his horny hospitality. ...read more
Shyla Stylez - Big tit blonde gets fucked hard

Shyla Stylez - BangBros Remastered

17th April - I definitely love me some Big Ol' Titties, and when they come attached to the finest looking broad I have seen in a minute, I can't even seem to control myself. Shyla is fine as fuck, her tits are huge and she loves having a rock hard cock in between them. I had her show me her amazing tits and sexy ass out on the balcony, I love seeing big tits out in the Sun!!! We went back inside and she played with her tight pussy and then Johnny banged the shit out of it. He then busted a full load on her plump breast, Magic Every time, EnjoY! ...read more
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Shyla Stylez - Stylin' For An Ass-Fucking

Shyla Stylez - Stylin' For An Ass-Fucking

22nd March - Shyla Stylez isn't like most SCORE models. She isn't even like most porn stars. She's a Canadian from British Colombia, which isn't unusual since Canada is the country that brought us Tiffany Towers and several other big stars. But she's unusual in that she appeared in her first hardcore scene when she was 18 years old and has been fucking in front of the camera for nearly 13 years. She was also once implicated in a sex scandal with a sheriff in Orange County, California, so this is clearly a girl whose off-camera life is as sexy as her on-camera life. Porn was the right career for her because she loves cock. ...read more
Shyla Stylez - Shyla Stylez Interracial DP

Shyla Stylez - Shyla Stylez Interracial DP

22nd March - Shyla Stylez is at her best when faced with a challenge...such as two thick black cocks! She definitely has her work cut out for her as she takes on two of the biggest cocks out there. She ends up taking these guys for a wild ride which includes an impressive double penetration before they both unload a massive cum spurt all over her slutty face! ...read more
Shyla Stylez - Shyla Stylez Anal Titty Fuck

Shyla Stylez - Shyla Stylez Anal Titty Fuck

15th August - Shyla Stylez's boobs almost explode out of her crop-top as she walks around molesting herself by the fountain. She finds some baby oil and pours it all over herself before she's even naked. We get to see her nipples poking through her shirt while she fucks an imaginary man. Then, after the 5 minute mark, she meets Jerry for some real fun. The two go wild on the livingroom floor, the kitchen countertop, and elsewhere, fucking like rabbits. ...read more
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