Kianna Dior - Nuru-Gasmic (Dirty Masseur)


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It's the 1940s, and all a good soldier has to do to get some sweet loving from a gorgeous doll is pick the sweetest gal out of a lineup. Johnny's happy whore will give him the rub of his life, and send him back home relaxed and fully fucked.

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MILF, Asian, Brunette, Oil, Blowjob (POV), Big Tits, Big Tits Worship, Chinese
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Kianna Dior - Never a Bore when youre Four

Kianna Dior - Real Wife Stories

14th February - Shay and Keiran were having trouble with their marriage. After having affairs and realizing it was best to come clean about, they decided it was high time for a meeting. What better way to get everything out into the open, than to meet the people they were cheating on each other with. They didn't realize what they were getting into... more
Kianna Dior - Happy Canada Day, Eh

Kianna Dior - Pornstars Like it Big

1st July - Meet Bug and Dob McFrenzy, two brothers from Canada and hosts of the late night talk show, “Great Fucking Cuntry”! On this week's program, Bug (Xander Corvus) and Dob (Charles Dera) discuss the importance of Canadian porn stars and welcome one of the hottest to their show—Kianna Dior! Watch as they show all you “hosers” how Canadians fuck—by performing some of the steamiest sex moves you'd only see north of the border on Kianna! more
Kianna Dior - Your MILF is the Best

Kianna Dior - Mommy Got Boobs

19th May - Danny D has been fucking his best friend's stepmom (buxom babe Kianna Dior) for months now, and the poor sucker has no idea. One day the two almost get caught in the act, but luckily, Danny manages to jump out of the window and preserve their secret. Kianna gets her stepson out of the way by asking him to go mow the lawn, and Danny and Kianna quickly get back down to business. Kianna gives Danny a nice slow and sensual blowjob, and then wraps his fat cock in her gorgeous big tits. The two fuck all over the bedroom, and Danny even pounds her tight pussy from behind as she's up against the glass, almost getting them caught all over again! Finally, Danny blows a huge load all over Kianna's face and tits, but Kianna's stepson has to finish mowing that lawn eventually... more
Big Tits In Sports

Kianna Dior - Stop Fuckin My Stepdaughter

Kianna Dior - Milfs Like it Big

7th March - Keiran Lee wants to fuck his girlfriend Nadia Capri, but she's worried her busty Asian stepmom Kianna Dior is going to get home before they get a chance to finsish. But Keiran promises to eat her pussy just the way she likes, so the horny little slut starts sucking and fucking Keiran's big dick, step mom or no step mom! Wouldn't you know it, Kianna barges in right as Keiran is balls deep in her step daughter! At first Kianna is angry as hell, but as soon as she feasts her eyes on Keiran's huge dick, she forgets all her anger and drops to her knees to get a taste of that fat cock. Kianna deepthroats his massive member and then fucks her way to a fat load of cum all over her pretty face and big tits! more
Kianna Dior - Mommy Got Chores

Kianna Dior - Mommy Got Boobs

24th December - Kianna is helping her son move into his new place. It's clear that she's upset about her son moving out. Johnny, her son's buddy is helping him. While her son goes to sign his new lease, Johnny holds a ladder while Kianna gets up to hang a picture. As she reaches out, she accidentally falls off the ladder and into his arms. The two feel the sexual tension and don't hold back. more
Kianna Dior - Mommy Mans the Kissing Booth

Kianna Dior - Mommy Got Boobs

8th February - For her Valentine's fundraiser, Ms. Kianna Dior's daughter is manning a kissing booth. Kianna is hanging around to make sure there's no funny business. That is, until she sees Danny. Then the only business to be had is the funny kind. more


Kianna Dior - Busty Strap-on Tool Time Girls

Kianna Dior - Busty Strap-on Tool Time Girls

11th December - "Where have all the good girl-girls gone?" an editor at SCORE once pondered. So have I.
Kianna Dior - Dior-itized

Kianna Dior - Dior-itized

21st October - Kianna and Kelly are two sexy sluts who craved a cock to share, so Kelly decides to let Kianna ride Ryan's dick for her pussy's pleasure. They take his cock all the way to the back of their throats to get it nice and wet before plunging the rod deep into their wet twats. Gyrating their body, the two finish off the dick and makes it ooz... more
Big Tits At Work

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